Gong Baths


An opportunity to relax, rebalance and restore mind, body and soul whilst laying in the powerful soundscapes of the gong.

Ashley runs a fortnightly Gong Bath at Cellan Millennium Hall,

SA48 8HU, at 7.30pm on a Friday evening. 

This Gong Bath is £10 to attend and is popular, booking is essential.

Ash hosts a monthly Gong Bath at Bancyfelin village hall, SA33 5NF, 

one Friday evening at 7.30pm.

£15 to attend, booking is essential.

Ash hosts a Gong Bath at Ammanford Pensioners Hall, SA18 3EN, 

one Friday evening a month, at 7.30pm.

£15 to attend, booking is essential.

Ashley also hosts a daytime Gong Bath at 10am one Sunday a month, at Waunifor Wellness Centre, Maesycrugiau, SA39 9LX

£15 to attend, booking is essential.

What to bring with you

Attendees laying on the floor should bring with them: a comfortable mat to lay on (a thick yoga mat or camping mat is ideal), a pillow to go behind their head, a cushion to elevate their knees to protect the spine, and a warm blanket to keep them snug as they relax.

Some people prefer to bring a garden recliner or be seated in a chair if they have difficulty with laying on the floor.

A limited number of eye masks are available for use, and you are welcome to bring anything else that ensures your comfort - i.e. drinks, tissues, or more pillows.

Ashley has a small number of mats to borrow, please ask upon booking.

Gong Bath Dates

These are the dates for Ashley's upcoming Gong Baths, at all the locations they are hosted. 

Feel free to attend as many or as few as you like, in whichever locations you prefer. 

Most clients benefit from regular gong baths, so some make sure to frequently attend the fortnightly sessions at Cellan; others prefer to top up the good vibes as required, so attend the monthly sessions in multiple locations at a frequency that suits them.